About Us

Hartej, Your Vegan Marketer

I have had digital businesses since 2008, ranking websites above some of the largest global brands on a fraction of the budget. Yes, there are many organic strategies which I have been able to successfully test and implement to ensure you get seen above the rest. Living a cruelty free, vegan and sustainable lifestyle for many years now, has made me realise the potential for brands and businesses to really show off their planet and animal saving visions. You can be sure that I completely understand your target audience and their intentions when looking for your product. My friends often find me in shopping aisles checking the ingredients of every product to make sure they’re completely cruelty-free!

If you want to transform your company’s online performance, you’re in the right place. As an SEO Expert for vegan, cruelty-free & Eco-friendly businesses, I can assure you the best service for your market. I help businesses, small and large, to drive new customers their way, and with online business being so competitive it’s vital to have the correct strategy in place for your website. That’s the unique thing about the service offered by me, Your Vegan Marketer.

How Do I Help Save The Planet?

I have been fortunate enough to partner with an amazing tree planting organisation, Click A Tree, who will plant 4 trees for every client, every month that you are using my services. So, for clients that have been trusting me for 12 months, will also have planted 48 trees during that period.

Click A Tree, will provide us with the exact co-ordinates and regular updates of the growth of your trees so you can also share these details with your customers in newsletters!


Why Did I Choose Click A Tree?

Well, they grow trees to save the planet…. I grow businesses that save the planet. The sold it for me. But there is more. They have taken a non-traditional approach to almost disrupt the tree-planting market. They do not rely on volunteers, but actually pay all employees a fair wage in their respective countries for doing the tree planting work. I recognise this as a more sustainable process as providing people with a source of income for doing something they enjoy, and the planet benefits from, provides more of an incentive for people to carry out such work. 

My Promise To You

When you sign up for my SEO reports, audits and consulting it will be completely tailored to the needs of your website, your market and the customers you are targeting. Unlike many other companies offering a similar looking service I do all the work myself to ensure winning a formula for your business every time. 

There are so many different factors to running a successful online business such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Re-Marketing to name just a few.

For many business owners, these terms are totally new, or you have heard of them but unsure what they mean to your success. As part of my packages, I  will be there every step of the way to not only implement them for you but to explain their importance.

Your Free In-Depth SEO Review Pack

The great thing is, I am so confident in the service that you will be receiving that you can actually sign up for a free review pack. Yes, that’s right. You can sign up for a free no obligation SEO and PPC review just by completing the simple forms below.

I am always running test reports with competitors to see how detailed their information is and more importantly… how much they cost? I found 1 company who charged $800 for less than what I give you for free. The most common value is $200.

You will receive a wealth of information ranging from what your target audience are searching for in Google, how many searches there are per month for these words, SEO keyword data that we should target, PPC keyword data, on-page website reports, competitor reports and much more. You can start straight away using the forms below. If you are unsure of anything, just put N/A and I will work around it.

The reports can usually take 48-72 hours and once you have received the information from your free SEO review pack, you will be in a great position to make an informed decision on which strategies might be suitable for your websites. I will be there every step of the way, to answer all your questions so that you feel ready to order with confidence.

The Ethical Contract

I do not believe in or agree with the ethics of making a business enter a contract as every month can bring new challenges, so all of the packages offered have no contract tie-ins. You can upgrade or downgrade as you please or even pause at any time you like. There will be no pressure placed upon you. You are in control of the pack you want and I will always be there to discuss everything with you. So, if you do have any questions about the great services offered here or even about your websites, then get in contact with the contact form below.

Sign Up Today To Boost Your Online Performance

If you have any queries, there’s no question too big or small, especially when it comes to the performance of your business online. Don’t leave it to chance – get in touch today and let’s transform your online presence.