Power Post Links

Guest posts are considered to be a powerful tactic, for driving traffic and building trust with search engines. I read plenty about them all over the internet and in forums. However, there is one issue that never really gets raised. The guest post is a new page in the eyes of Google. The page has no age, not indexed, has no links to it, no organic traffic and no real human metrics (e.g. click rate or time on site). It is great that the post is on a powerful site in your niche, but would it not be ideal if we could have the power that an aged page which is already indexed and has all the data that search engines need? 

Well, with my Power Post Links, where the backlinks are created in a network which has the perfect metrics for a search engine. 

Can I get a Power Post Link? I only offer them to clients who have an active SEO package and a website which is over 3 months old. The cost of these is often very high, purely because the power is incredible. In fact, 1 Power Post Link can be as valuable as over 100 regular backlinks.Read More

Here I have given you some examples of the real website metrics about the websites where I will strategically place your Power Post Link. The benefits of placing links on such websites are:

  1. The link is on a page which is aged, is in your niche or is highly related to you topic.
  2. The sites will have a minimum of 95 referring domains which shows a great SEO foundation by the site owners.
  3. The websites have real organic traffic from its own marketing strategies and keyword targets
  4. It is a REAL website, run by REAL people.
Website Age: 4 years
Website Age: 3 years
Website Age: 7 years