Google Shopping

Google shopping is the section you see right at the top of your search, when you are looking for a particular product. The platform is huge and includes over 1 billion products across the globe.

The basis of it is that it allows Google’s users to search for a product and then easily compare the prices from various retailers to get the best deal.

This has over the last few years become an additional arm of Google AdWords. with their PPC service. There was a time when this feature was free for businesses but now you will need to pay for every click that you receive from this part of the search page. But as your advert shows up with images and information, you’re much more likely to get clicks from customers who want to buy. Now, Google charges every Google shopping merchant to list their business and just like the AdWords platform, users’ results for Google shopping are affected by advertisers’ bids and the relevance of their keywords and adverts. Read More