The SEO Process

SEO Consultant For Your Business

When working on your SEO, I use a process that has been perfected over many years and I continue to tweak this to make it even more effective every time. There are six stages that we will go through.

1: The Consultation

I will usually spend some time looking around your website in the view of a customer. This will then help me understand your business (and spot any obvious flaws) before holding detailed consultation with you to make sure that I understand your goals and your business properly, and I will also explain what you can expect to achieve with SEO during this stage.

2: Keyword Research

I will ask for you to complete the Free SEO Review Pack form and answer a few simple questions. This will produce the first set of data for the keyword research. The stage involves a combination of specialist software and manual techniques, which I use to increase the amount of keywords to target. I will email you all my findings with a detailed email explaining what has been discovered and any obvious gaps we can exploit. This process can take a little while as we must perfect it, being the most crucial part of the strategy. 

You can read more about The Perfect Keyword  here.

3: Review Stage

Following the reports and narrowing down our keyword choices, I will set my systems to conduct an in-depth on-site review of your website, and this will help me to determine the best strategy to focus on for your SEO. I may recommend certain changes to your site at this stage to make our SEO techniques more effective. These will be fairly simple for your web development team to do, or you can use my web team for this.

4: Developing a Strategy

Now that the site is ready for Google, I will come up with a complete strategy, which will take in a variety of processes such as the analysis of other top-ranking websites for your keywords. I will discuss strategies and options with you, before deciding which route to take.

5: Link Building Stage

Once the strategy has been decided upon, I will start to build links to your web pages using a range of techniques, including directories, blogs, forums, social networking and more. This process will be ongoing until your keywords are ranking well. Our backlinks are incredibly powerful and will give the best signals to search engines about your business.

6: Reviews

While your keywords are being targetted, I will monitor your SEO rankings and provide you with access to our online tracking tool that you can use to track the daily progress of your keyword rankings. I will also make various recommendations along the way and may suggest some changes, but this depends upon how the campaign is going.

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Want to know more about what you can expect from each of these stages? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, if you want to get started today, just contact me and we’ll get started on your SEO.