Hartej’s Algo

Successful Pay Per Click campaigns are those which use minimum spends and offer the largest return on investment. I come across many companies who attempt to do this themselves, only to learn it was a super expensive experiment and get put off from trying it again. I have also come across clients who did not realise they had a PPC campaign running and were spending money without realising.

To perfect this combination of appropriate cost-effective target words, requires a lot of detailed analysis and time, even when using a bronze level PPC package. For example, with just 50 keywords, the time it takes to review each keyword, the adverts and the data for all combinations would need at least 6 to 12 people working full time. This was the only way it could be done effectively. Not only does this take a lot of time and resources, it costs a lot of money. Imagine having to pay a team of six or more people to work on your PPC campaigns full time, it will be very expensive and very time consuming.Read More