The Perfect Keyword

Searcher Intimacy – The Perfect Keyword Strategy

When we are going over potential keywords to rank for, there is a particular strategy which ensures we choose the best words, for the best results! 

I review your ideas with you and push you to think about the intention of the person searching. 

As the business owner and creator of your incredible product or service, you need to think about what exactly your customers are searching for online. What kind of phrases or words are they typing, where your business is the perfect answer. I call this, ‘Searcher Intimacy’… your business is the perfect match for the searcher. 

Everybody would love to be ranked on Page 1 for words like: vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty free etc etc. 

But search engines are very smart. If someone searches the word ‘Vegan’, what are the chances they are looking for your business? To get an idea, search the term in Google and have a look at the types of companies you see on Page 1, 2 or 3.
In a recent example of a business selling vegan skincare products, one their keyword ideas was the term, ‘vegan’. This is a phenomenal keyword and receives millions of searches across the world. If I took on this keyword and helped it rank high on Google, we would eventually be able to make it there with the right strategy and budget, however the search engines will eventually realise that we are not in the right place. This website is not the most intimate match for the searcher (in Google’s eyes). 

Someone who searches the word ‘Vegan’, is most likely not looking for a vegan skin products. This means we are attracting the wrong crowd and having a negative effect on our rankings for other words. A keyword like ‘Vegan Skincare For Women’ would be perfect for the searcher and Google will reward you for it by placing you in front of the customer as quickly as possible.

Try a search for ‘fizzy drink’ and you won’t find Coca Cola on page 1. Simply due to this idea of searcher intimacy. In fact, I was surprised myself recently, when we were approached by a new social media site looking for our services. They wanted to rank Page 1 for ‘Social Media’… it turns out not even Facebook or Instagram are seen on Page 1. The search engine has the knowledge and data to suggest that this searcher may be looking for general information about social media, not any particular company site to join.