A: I will give you a link which you should bookmark on your browser. This will be updated every few hours and provides live tracking of where your keywords are currently sitting in Google. It can take a few days to populate, as the tracker will only show your position when it is in the top 100 results. I will also show you how to track general progress of your website via Google’s Search Console.

I get this question a lot and unfortunately come across many sites where a lot of money has been lost attempting PPC. There are many pros and cons for running a PPC campaign over an SEO one, and if budget allows then both together is a great combination.

Initially, SEO may not reap immediate reward, it takes time to build your position, but once you have done that then there is no better strategy on the internet. Ranking high in organic searches is the dream of every business. 

PPC will give you a chance to appear right at the top of search results in the ‘sponsored’ area of a Google search. You may start seeing traffic coming in to the site within just a matter of hours (or minutes). There is, however, a price to this. Google will charge you per click and without experience you can end up spending more than you expected. I offer management of PPC campaigns for a monthly fee and work with you to ensure we target the most effective words and minimise our exposure in terms of costs.

I would say PPC is more of a short term strategy, whereas SEO will work best for building a brand over time and becoming a leader in your market. 

If I had to choose 1, then SEO is the way forward!

Every client is provided with a live tracker showing the keywords we have chosen and the URLs they point to. I found many agencies providing weekly, or even monthly updates! This does not sit well for me…contact me to find out why. 

Here is how your SEO campaign would typically look:

Before We Start: We will spend about 2-3 weeks deciding which keywords to target based on the numerous reports I will produce about your site, your competitors rankings, the geographical location and an on-site audit. Once we have chosen the keywords, we will decide which pages on your website you would like the searchers to be directed to. At this point we are ready to start the SEO campaign.


Month 1 – The first month of SEO can be very slow on the tracking front, with some keywords typically starting to show up in the ranking data in the later part of the month. 

Month 2 – This month you will see an increased number of backlinks coming to your site, which increase your authority on the web. Google will like that other, stronger sites are pointing at you, so if they can trust you then Google will too. Though building domain authority is not a focus of our strategy, it happens naturally like a positive side effect.

Month 3 – This is where we start to see some great improvements in your keywords rankings across all search engines. We have laid the foundation previously and now capitalising on the momentum that is building up. If we are lucky, we may start seeing some page 1 results for some long tail keywords on your site. Search results by late Month 3, often start driving consistent traffic to your site.

Beyond Month 3 – By this point you will notice how SEO is the best and most cost effective way of growing your business over time. Every month that passes, more backlinks will be built and the momentum will continue to grow. We can expect to see growth every month in terms of search rankings and traffic from here on.

A: Due to the nature of onlines business and how one month can be so different to the next. My ethical stance is that no contract is the best contract. I will never tie you into a contract and everything is done on a monthly rolling basis. You are free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. I always recommend clients to give me at least 3 months before making any decisions as this is how long it can take before we start seeing results. For brand new websites, this process is a bit longer due to age factors which contribute to SEO rankings.

A: To be honest, there is no set answer for this question as SEO for your site depends on a variety of factors e.g. your niche, target location, competition and on site factors. I have set monthly charges which focus on a certain number of keywords to target. With every package, the consulting is totally free as well as the time taken to create strategies and produce unlimited reports. All packages are designed to have the greatest Return of Investment. The rewards will definitely outweigh the costs over the months. Please contact me today, to discuss your website in detail.

A: I do understand the constraints of business when it comes to cost, so I offer all consulting free and am happy to discuss discounts if you are keen to take out multiple plans or pay for a certain number of months up front. You are welcome to get in touch to find out more.

I do a lot of research amongst other similar quality SEO service providers and know I am offering a much better service for a significantly lower price. One competitor charges $800 for a lower quality review pack than my free pack. Grab yours today!

A: There is no genuine and ethical SEO agency on the planet that can guarantee a time scale for your website getting onto the first page of the search engine results. There are simply too many factors involved in the process, so don’t believe anyone who makes any promises to you. Instead, I usually set out what to expect over the first 3 months and at that point you are most likely going to be consistently hitting Page 1 for a variety of search terms. I do try get this happening sooner and have successfully done so!

No, the price is set no matter how difficult the word is. However, I will always give advice on how achievable certain words are and show you ways to target that particular word to achieve more effective results.

The plans I have set are the minimum spend required to get the words moving up the ranks. You could choose to pay the same amount as a particular plan, but want to focus on a lower number of keywords. This then gives more power to spread across the words. 

SEO should be seen and approached like a marathon, not a sprint. The process is long term and requires ongoing work to keep Google interested in your business. In order to build a better position on Google for your words, consistent work is the way to go.

I am a little paranoid when it comes to Google, so I intentionally use really safe tactics to avoid getting into any sticky water. It is always a balancing act between safety and speed. Getting the job done fast, could cause issues so I prefer a route that may take a little longer (maybe a week or two) but keep us in the good books for the search engine.

Over the months, you will see your website appearing in search results for 100s (or 1000s) of different search terms. My work is focussed around building the trust that Google has for your website. This includes work such as growing your Domain Authority, Improving On-Page experience, Page Ranks etc etc. These factors ultimately show Google that you are the best website for the searcher of those particular terms. 

A: Nope. Never. This tactic only leads to getting punished and penalised by search engines so I do not go near such tactics. Everything I do is clean and organic… like your product 🙂 

A: Every client is given access to an online live tracking system. Here you can check your daily rankings in a fast and simple way to keep track of how all your keywords are progressing.

A: Yes, it does not matter where you live or where your website is based. I have clients in one country e.g. UK but targeting their websites marketing to another country e.g. USA.

A: I have access to some very powerful tools, which ensure that we can target the best keywords for you right from the start.

As the business owner, I will ask for you to give me some ideas that you would love to be ranked for. Typically words related to your business that searchers would type into Google. I will take these, and run some analysis on them to get details from Google about things like: competition for the word, how many searches does it, how tough is it to rank etc etc. I will also give you a breakdown of the terms your competitors are ranking for, which may help you in choosing the keywords you want to compete with them at. 

I will then ensure we come up with a fine tuned list with the best user intent so you get the best traffic.

This is probably the toughest part of the campaign as is the most critical, so I take it very seriously and may ask you to revisit them a number of times (sorry!)

A: We are able to accept BACS as well as all major credit and debit cars, standing orders and wire transfers.

A: Yes, this is fine. I am very flexible and will guide you on whether to make the changes or the best way to go about it. 

Once certain key words start consistently hitting Page 1, I always advice to change them and start working on new ones.

A: Yes, once the first set of keywords start ranking well, it is definitely worth moving on to another set.

The longer we keep on working on the SEO, the more keywords you will start to rank for. Which ultimately means being seen more and selling more!

A: Absolutely! For every referral I pay up to $30 per month per client for the lifetime of their work with me. The more you refer, the more you earn and ultimately we can get to a point where your SEO is free!

For example: 1 referal who stays with me for 10 months, earns you $300. Win, Win.

A: I will conduct numerous on-site audits and provide suggested changes that will benefit search engine rankings. Sometimes a nice looking site, can be filled with issues. This is part of my service. I also am able to get on-site work done for you quickly if there is anything which needs technical work. I have come across sites which have cost $25,000 to build but are not ripe for high search rankings. 

A: I hope you don’t decide to close your account! But, I completely understand the needs of businesses do change. You be sure that any of the of the work I do, will not be undone. This is an unethical tactic that my competitors use as they often rent links and when you stop paying, they no longer can afford to do so. This is not how I work. On account closure, I will still generating new links and content, but everything until that point remains yours forever.

A: Absolutely! Everything I do is completely safe across all search engines. I never have and never will use ‘black-hat tactics’ as these will only ever punish your website and negatively impact your position to succeed in the future. All strategies are approved by search engines and I stay on top of all Google updates to ensure I can continue to provide you the best results, despite their changes to algorithms. 

There are many SEO agencies who use risky tactics, without the clients being aware, as these can produce short term wins, however over time are considered negative SEO. If you are concerned that you have been hurt by such tactics, let me audit your website and find the problems.