Brand Crisis Management With SEO

Brand Crisis Management With SEO

With so much action happening online today, this leaves all brands and businesses at risk of receiving some negative publicity. This could be a critical or unfair review, a bad bit of press in the media or a competitor trying to make you look bad.

In all honesty, a negative comment here or there and the odd unhappy customer is not likely to damage your brand’s image or business significantly. However, it often happens that some negative comments or news articles are one of the first things that searchers see when they come across you online. This can be devastating to a business!

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How Can SEO Help Us Today?

This is where SEO services at come in to action. The ultimate goal for our strategy will be to push those damaging articles down the rankings beyond page 1 or 2, so it is not the first piece of information people see about your brand when they look for you online.

It is very disheartening and frustrating to find out that the search engine results for your business are in fact of content which is fairly damaging to your brand… especially if you feel the comments or articles are unfair and inaccurate.

There are two key steps to this process of brand crisis management with seo! Firstly, we work fast and with priority to push down these harmful sites away from the higher rankings. Once we have done this we suggest a brand management strategy where we now focus on creating or pushing up positive content about your brand to the highest results. Step 1 is the short term strategy and step 2 is longer term.

Case Study Example

In a recent example, a newspaper article was published about a brand which showed them in a very negative light. As the publication was in a globally recognised newspaper, it almost instantly made it the first search result when searching this brand’s name. The strategy used here was focussed on powering the client’s site across different web pages to ensure we could fill up every spot on Page 1 for searches related to their brand name. Over time the article no longer had the power or relevance to compete with the strength of the clients powerful SEO pages.

Brand Management. Brand Reputation. Brand Enhancement

Though the strategy is focussed on fixing a crisis, it can be done before anything bad happens or if you feel you are at risk of having negative press. Using some brand protection SEO strategies, your site will be continuously growing in power and authority. This would mean anything new to come out about your brand will have a very strong layer of powerful sites to break through before it can be seen on page 1.

With the brand protection, there is a strategy where we would enhance your brand’s image. For example if your manufacture vegan leather products and want to try and win new business. Your sales team can use the line “Don’t just take our word for it, Google our brand name.” The strategy creates a web of higher ranking pages on the search results which make your brand look great. Maybe some reviews or blogs which all say you are great. You can even own these sites as micro sites which point to your business as the best!

From an SEO perspective, as we focus all of the above on your brand name, it is not often the most difficult task but it requires extremely careful planning and enough time for Google to recognise our work… ultimately putting your amazing image back at the top where it belongs!