Setting Up Your Google Ads Account: The Risks

Are you thinking about setting up a Google Adwords account for your vegan business?

Have you already got an account running but not seeing the results you want?

There are some key symbols that need to be used in your set up of the adverts in order to ensure you are generating the type of traffic you want and need for your business.

Setting up the account yourself, without expert knowledge, can lead you down a very expensive path and one that may put you off from paid advertising. But, this should not be the case. Targeted and focussed ads, set up accurately can take your business’ performance to a new level of success.

As always, I like giving my advice through a case study example so you can see how it works and the difference it makes.

Case Study Example

When creating an Ad on Google Adwords there are a few different symbols which define the type of advert you are creating. The system omits critical details, which are the difference between failure and success of the ad.

A business selling flight simulation services to the airline industry attempted to create their own Ads, targeted at attracting pilots and airlines to use his technology on a daily hire basis.

When setting up your campaigns, Adowrds will ask you to input the keywords you want to target. This business owners enters phrases like Pilot flight simulator training, Training for pilots simulator, pilot simulator training etc etc etc… and the account is now set up and live.

What businesses fail to realise is that entering such phrases without key symbols, will put all of the adverts into the broad search category. Meaning that Google can show your adverts for searches that are very very very loosely related to your keywords with you ever knowing.

The analytics on this particular account showed lots of impressions & clicks every day but absolutely no leads. This is where a PPC Specialist at Your Vegan Marketer comes in….

After conducting in-depth analysis of the account, it became obvious that without his knowledge (as Google doesn’t tell you) he was paying for clicks where people searched words like Microsoft flight simulator game, pc flight game, pc game flight simulator etc etc etc.

The daily budget was being exhausted on these irrelevant search terms and the scariest part of it all is this… the search Microsoft flight simulator game was being recognised as someone looking for pilot flight simulator game so it gave the impression that people were searching and clicking on exactly what he was hoping for.

Using broad search strategies… is almost like handing over your credit card to the search engines and letting them have a field day.

Which Strategies Can We Use To Avoid These Risks?

Exact Search by using the symbols [keyword].

e.g. [vegan seo] will only show my ads if the exact keyword is used. So vegan seos would not show my advert. This is the tightest and strictest control. This is great in certain situations when you want to really focus in on something but it could also mean missing out on a lot of great traffic where the searcher misspells a word or adds a word before/after.

Phrase search by using the symbols “keyword”

e.g. “vegan ppc expert” will only show my ads if this exact phrase is typed but can have something before and/or after the phrase. My ads would show up if someone searched vegan ppc expert services or find a vegan ppc expert.

Broad Modified Search by using the symbols +keyword +keyword2

e.g. +vegan +seo would mean my ads would show when both words have been used in the search but it can be anywhere within the query. For example my ads would show for a search like my vegan website needs SEO.

As a PPC expert, I would create your account in such a way that we start with all three (exact, phrase and broad modified)… never broad! We let the system run its course and the algorithms understand what is happening with our ads. Then we will review and make changes as appropriate. This could mean adding in more queries/keywords or making some negative so that we avoid searches with certain words.

If you would like a free PPC review on your Ads account, please feel free to get in touch today! Don’t leave PPC to chance!