Introducing PPC For E-Commerce Website Owners

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advertising strategy which is seen as the best way to get your business in front of millions of potential customers immediately. Most businesses focus on the platform provided by Google (Google Adwords), however there are other search engines like Bing with similar platforms. 

How Does PPC Work? What Is It?

Ultimately, various businesses are bidding on keywords that they want to be known and shown for. For your ads to display, we will need to ensure that your bids are high enough in comparison to your competitors. 

Keywords and phrases which receive more traffic/searchers, will potentially cost more than those that do not.

For example, the bid value for vegan vitamins, may be higher than best vegan vitamins. I will be on hand to help understand these differences and the benefits of targetting one over the other.

Is PPC Important For My Ecommerce Website Store?

There are 2 sides on this one… and most agencies say that PPC is essential (because they earn more fees from you).

Yes, PPC has very high importance as it will allow you to compete with other companies that sell products/services similar to yours..

Yes, it will allow you to reach your desired audience almost instantly, which will bring traffic your way.

However, it really comes down completely to the budget available. Most start-ups are cash tight, so a longer term strategy may be more beneficial so that the budget can last longer. A well optimised PPC strategy can take a while to establish so the budget can be eaten faster than you expected.

How Does PPC Benefit Ecommerce Businesses?

As you will be paying a fee once someone clicks your ad, your ads will be shown in higher positions on Google’s results. It is a great way to reach the top of the search results for your target words or phrases.

It is an incredible way to bring traffic instantly to your store! SEO strategies can take time to bring the traffic you deserve.

Here are some examples of Ads from companies taking part in PPC when I search for vegan vitamins.

Which Strategies Can We Use Within PPC?

There are several different aspects of PPC that we can access, in order to drive the most amount of traffic to your site. These include:

For some businesses, it only really makes sense to use a few of the above. But for others, we can use them all for incredible exposure!

To discuss more about which of them best suits, reach out and we can review your current business position before implementing some strategies.