The Incredible Longtail SEO Strategy

The Incredible Longtail SEO Strategy

One incredible strategy for getting more search impressions, IF you can commit to creating regular and large amounts of content, is the Longtail SEO Strategy. I find a lot of vegan, cruelty free and planet saving businesses fall short of providing as much content as they can to really show off their business. However, there are some that do this incredibly well and my competitor reports often prove how this content provides success to others.

Over a medium to long term time period, the longtail strategy will literally see your SEO results go through the roof! The number of search terms which will start appearing on Page 1 will rapidly increase over time… and the best thing is… it requires no additional SEO spending. If there are certain articles where you want to see exponential results, then small increases in the budget can do this. Just ask and I will let you know how we can do this.

So here’s how it works…

  1. We carry out the standard free SEO reports and research for you. In other words, you give us some keyword ‘seed’ ideas that are used as a foundation for the research. You also send us a few competitors URLs so can analyse their keyword ranking data. From here the strategy changes direction
  2. We look over the keyword data together and pick the main keyword topics for your business’s niche/market. As I write this blog, I am looking at one clients’ business which sells vegan gym clothes. So some of their main niche based topics could be cycling clothes /running shoes/vegan outfits etc. We then create an SEO page for each broad keyword e.g. running shoes, which is highly focused with a great user experience.
  3. Once these pages are made, I will use your SEO budget to target these broad keywords and keep a close eye on your Google Search Console account. (I will also help you to understand the platform so you are comfortable with what we are doing). Over a period of time Google will start to show us longtail keywords that it recognises from the content on the page. For example the page focused on running shoes, Google might show us for a longtail like where to get vegan running shoes at position 89. Now if we like the look of some of these longtails. we would create a new blog post about that longtail and link it back to the content on the original vegan running shoes page from step 2.
  4. After you have created this new post for the longtail keyword and linked it to the broader keyword page… send me the URLs for both pages and I will get my system to do a little magic in the background. You can do this as many times as you want for as many of the keywords that Google Search Console shows you.
  5. I advise that the process should be done at least once a month, so over time your website is creating lots more great content and new posts around the big keyword topic. Remember, these keywords are ones that Google originally trust you for when they showed in position 89. Google slowly starts to see more content around this keyword and begins to trust you much more, eventually seeing you as the expert in the market. This leads to an incredibly positive snowball effect with the longtail keywords rising up to Page 1 very quickly and starts to get you more business, without having to wait around for the bigger more competitive keywords to hit page 1.

Despite that, it is arguably much more important to get the longtails rising as it shows Google real user metrics of your site. It starts to see that people are visiting your site and are real people. This further builds your trust with the search engine and will add even more longtails.

At the time of writing, one of my yoga based websites which is 4 months old has been shown for 2,450 longtails in the last 7 days… and another site which 4 days old has been picked up for 175 longtails. I wish I had the time to write blog articles for each one, but I usually pick out the ones which relate most directly to the sites and get them written up ASAP.

In theory, the way the strategy works is that your new page based around the long tail, is posting a link upwards to the original broader keyword page. This is to show Google that the original page is amazing for the content that it provides and this longtail recommends going to the original page. The original page is the one where you want the most traffic as it is the money making page in terms of products or services you offer.

If you have a Live package with, get in touch and I will show you how to set up your Search Console and how to understand where to find and filter the best longtails.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions of would like to share your thoughts on the article.