Make Google Love Your Vegan Business

The Best Tips To Make Google Love Your Vegan Business

Just like a human vegan, google loves you more if you keep feeding it amazing vegan content. Content that is super informative and filled with the best vegan info you can delivery.

Such great content, will be recognised by Google and you will start to see longtail keywords in your ranking data, almost over night! Ask me for more help on identifying which words are already ranking.

You have just found out how amazing vegan milk really tastes. You write all about and feed that information to Google. Google will love the way you have written about it, knowing that it will help so many more people and so the search engine shows it to more people! Google can very easily become your best vegan friend, who loves to hear what you have to say!

Tip 1

Search Engine Optimisation

No, not because I am an expert in the field, but really it is the best way to be loved by Google. With the right SEO strategies in place, the search engines become very interested in what you have to say or offer. With the right signals, and the correct content layouts, Google will see you as an authority in your field, giving your more opportunities to be seen by the world! I touch on this in my blog  How To Make Google Happy.

The value you get from on every plan is estimated to be worth 4 or 5 times the amount charged. That excludes the value of the reports and the consulting help from me.

Keep writing amazing content that your audience want to read about and over the months your traffic will show incredible increases from words you never imagined to target. Engaging content is rewarded by Google and the structure of site must be friendly to the user.

Writing good content is a starting point for SEO, the rest of the magic happens off site.

Tip 2

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

When a website or a page is submitted to Google, their bots will test your site on a desktop screen as well as a mobile phone screen. Very often, if the site has not been built with mobile friendliness in mind, then your Search Console will show some errors which will need fixing.

Keep in mind, back in 2015, a Google update meant that any site which was not mobile user friendly was pushed down the rankings by default. If you would like a site built or want to check if it is mobile friendly, get in touch today.

Google no longer allows sites to be shown high in desktop searches, if the site is not good enough for mobile. The number of mobile searches has passed those on desktop, so you can see how important this is for your business.

Here you can find the testing tool which shows if your site is responsive to mobile

Tip 3

Is Your Site Up To Speed?

This is where the milliseconds count! Site speed is commonly put to aside when building a beautiful picture perfect website.

The speed of your site begins right from the host of your site. I recommend using GreenGeeks to my clients and never upsell this product for an inflated price. It is best, the website owner purchases the hosting themselves and selects the package appropriate to their budget. If you have a slightly higher budget and want to host multiple sites then SiteGround is our other preferred partner. Both hosting companies have great service and will usually do a lot of the technical work when it comes to the websites back end.

Google will always choose to show a faster site, than a slower one. Why? Because a fast site signals better user experience and less likelihood of the user quitting the searched page before it loads up. Websites with a very high bounce rate, may be due to slow loading times.

You can test your site speed with the same tool that Google uses here

If you are worried about your site speed, and would like someone to advise you on the best options, get in touch today and I will be happy to help.

Tip 4

Show off your knowledge

Have a look at some of your favourite sites, or sites that show up when you search for the keywords you want to rank for (your competitors). In pretty much every instance, somewhere on the site you will find a Blog.

Now a lot of new business owners, see the word blog and switch off or get anxious. The thought of writing, may take you back to the school lessons you did not enjoy!

Essentially, an amazing beautiful website does not lead to people wanting your product. It is the words you give them, which sell your product. The words give the reader a chance to understand why your product is perfect for them! Not having a blog, can significantly lower sales and lead your customers to your competitors who have the content ready.

I was once quoted $25,000 for a website to be built by an agency, the plans looked stunning and it was the website of dreams. However, I ended up getting this done 95% cheaper and it was the content on site which drove success.

This ties in very closely with Tip 1 SEO! No matter how smart the Google bot becomes, it is a long time before it will know how to rank a picture of a happy customer. But, it can easily rank the description a customer left about your product! The algorithm will review the text on your site and decide which keywords you are signalling at it, before ranking you where it sees relevancy to the searcher.

Tip 5

The Call To Action

You have successfully implemented all the best strategies for bringing the right traffic to your website… Now that they have arrived, what should they do?

You know your product is amazing… it is a vegan product, a cruelty free item, the product helps save the planet with sustainability in mind. Your website is brilliant, you know exactly where things are placed and what to do if you want to buy something. Sounds great!

However!! Your customer does not necessarily know any of this. They have only just heard of your product and arrived at your website. This is where your landing pages must do all the selling. Point out how your product saves the planet, how it does no harm to animals, how it improves the lives of users… and most importantly, let me them know how they can buy the product right here, right now.

The transition from landing page through to checkout must be as easy and smooth as possible. From the moment they arrive, there is just a matter of seconds before they either decide to buy or leave. Make the process and information on the page all about the customer! Are they saving money? Will the product help them feel healthier? Will every purchase help save more animals?

Think about when you do the majority of your shopping – how often are you interested in the history of the owner or the date is was founded? Make this all about your customer!

Use your landing pages to show the customer how your product or service is the solution to the problem then need solving, with a simple process for them to take action.


Is Organic Farming Good For The Environment?

Is Organic Farming Good For The Environment?

It is a very interesting question, and one which most people with instantly answers with a Yes.

We assume that something labelled as organic, is better for us so must be better forthe environment too. Sales of organic labelled foods were close to $50billion in 2019, showing a large trend of consumers looking for such options.

I love working with clients who have set up businesses which aim to be more sustainable after identifying issues with current practices in their market. With farming, though a product is organic, pesticides may be used. Yes, they are from natural sources but they still impact the soil.

I recently learnt about the theory of  permaculture which looks at putting certain plants together where they can feed off each others nutrients.

You can read more about the link between organic farming and sustainability in a short article  here.

Are SEO Gigs On Fiverr Safe For My Site?

Are SEO Gigs On Fiverr Safe For My Site?

The short answer is NO. NEVER.

You have just set up a website or a blog and have read lots online about the importance of having backlinks so that search engines trust you. 

A quick search on Google, brings you to a platforms like Fiverr, where it looks like you’ve hit the jackpot. People offering hundreds of backlinks for $5! They promise to build these links on high domain authority sites of 50-100. P.s. does not even have a score of 100, so the alarm bells are already ringing!

Fiverr can be great for many general business tasks like research, finding virutal assistants, getting content written… but for SEO, it poses huge risks to your business.

Link building and gaining backlinks is not a straightforward and simple task. Networks need to be created for safe backlinking and this takes years, along with building thousands of websites. recently took on a client website where they had built backlinks via a seller on Fiverr. The results were shocking.

An example of an SEO advert on Fiverr

Case Study: Clients Bought SEO on Fiverr is often approached by companies who are looking for good clean SEO. Every client is asked if they have had any SEO work done previously or built any links. The most common answers are no, followed by  yes some via personal guestposts  and sometimes the dreaded  yes lots from Fiverr  comes out! 

Keep in mind, a genuine clean backlink can cost on average of $100. All of our clients get many of these as part of every SEO plan and they are carefully selected to ensure they are relevant to the niche, with appropriate anchors which signals the strength of our clients site to Google.

An SEO Gig Description On Fiverr

The Results Of Buying An SEO Gig On Fiverr

In summary, the analysis of the links showed they were pretty much junk and spam. They had trojan viruses on them which are viruses that Google is aware of for doing damage to users’ computers and browsers. Lots of the sites where links were places were filled with duplicated content which Google hates and plenty with spammed wiki links.

Early on in a genuine SEO strategy, these links are very hard to remove without being flagged to Google. The site owner, unfortunately, has to accept the risk for now, allowing time to slowly build cleaner links.

These links from Fiverr were created using mass spam software tools where the anchor texts are not planned and are coming from sites which most probably are known as spam.

I noticed that the backlinks anchor text in a lot of cases were the keywords that may have been given to the Fiverr seller so they used these to create the anchor. Massive NO for Google! Anchoring keywords can over optimise a page and site, showing clear signs to Google that we are trying to cheat the system.

Further digging into the backlinks showed that 30-50% of the links are hitting 404 errors or blocked as they are from known virus/malware sites.

The risk of using such strategies is that Google is now within their right and terms of business to totally remove this site off the search engine.

If you have unknowingly puchased backlinks via any of the online freelancing platforms, get in touch with today! Our work for the first 5-7weeks will be to protect your site with the building of cleaner links to show Google we are now doing things properly.

What If The SEO Fiverr Gig Has 5 Star Reviews

Initially, the hundreds of 5 star reviews look great and shows that the seller is doing a great job for buyers. 

Often, the titles of the Gig will not match the images, as well as the descriptions. The descriptions will also be filled with errors and promises that are beyond anyone’s scope. For example a promise to get a backlinks from a site with DA100. Google’s DA is 98, so something is not adding up!

How Do They Get Reviews?

  1. The customers may not be well versed in SEO and trust the seller in what they did. Most buyers are new to SEO, not aware of the areas spoken about earlier in the article, so they see that they have got backlinks and are made to believe their website is on its way to ranking high in Google.
  2. It is common knowledge that in order to be seen by more users on Fiverr, the seller needs reviews. This has opened up a market of paying other sellers for reviews, or asking friends to buy a gig in order to leave a review.
  3. Sellers will refund you if you catch them out on their unethical practices. Sellers are fully aware that their links are risky and not good for SEO, but they sell them in the hope you are unaware of this. Most sellers will offer a full refund if you offer to not leave a bad review, or remove an existing bad review. Call them out on their junk backlinks!

If ranking well and buying backlinks was as easy as paying $5. Wouldn’t we all be on Page 1? Search Engines are incredibly smart and completely aware of what is happening around the web.

If you would like to learn more about getting genuine and powerful backlinks to your website from your niche, you should read about my Power Post Links  and contact me today. 

Top Ideas To Help Start A Vegan Blog

Topic Ideas For Your Vegan Blog

So, you have made the amazing decision to create your vegan blog and followed the steps in our guide How To Start A Vegan Blog. 

With the rise of vegan products away from food, you really have lots to talk about and show off. Cruelty-free and vegan fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes… the list goes on! 

Here are some ideas to help you with your vegan blog and topics to write great content about…

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  1. Vegan restaurants around the world
  2. Vegan perfumes 
  3. Vegan shampoo & vegan conditions
  4. Vegan face products
  5. Veganism in your town
  6. Vegan recipes to try at home
  7. Vegan fashion
  8. Vegan nutrition advice
  9. Vegan gym products
  10. Vegan retreats
  11. Vegan marketing tips
  12. Vegan travel
  13. Vegan Parenting
  14. Vegan News
  15. Vegan Celebrities

Resources For Vegan Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles

Best 10 Free Ways To Improve Your SEO

Free Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO

About 80% of SEO power, takes place off-site, and the 20% is on your websites pages. However, for the 80% to work, the 20% must be as near perfect as possible. It is essential that the on-site factors are in place if we want a page to rank on Google’s Page One. These factors make sure that the search engine robots know the page is about a particular keyword and that they can trust the content is perfect for the searcher.

I always recommend keeping this list of factors in mind when building websites and a new pages within websites. Ensuring you cover all the factors will provide 300%-400% more power out of your investment in SEO. can put you in touch with some great writers who are fully briefed on what needs to be done for SEO to be effective. Get in touch if you need a vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly writing specialist.

The on-site factors below, have been placed in order of importance. Based on experience and testing on over 8,000 websites.

Essential – you must do it!

Should – if you have the resources do it. Google will reward you

Spare Time – if you have some time after the Essentials and Shoulds, it will help!


1. Place Your Focus Keyword In The URL

Say we choose the keyword vegan vitamin. The most powerful and essential on-site factor is ensuring the keyword you chose is in the URL.

e.g. or

In the second URL we have combined other keywords within the URL, which is totally fine.

The URL has covered two potential keywords: vegan vitamin and best vegan vitamin

2. Put Your Keyword In The Page Title

Here we are getting Google to see our keyword in the title so that it shows it on the blue line of the search. This is the part that searchers will click to visit your site. The title should be catchy and make people want to click on to see your site. Click rate is a major factor in Google’s algorithms and the most powerful metric when they judge the quality of your site.


Having something stand out, may lead to a click rate which is 0.01% more than a competitor from a Google search. This may seem small, but this difference added up over many months ensure your website is much more trusted and leads to positive improvements in the rankings. Here is an image of how vegan blog shows on google.

3. Exact or Close Variation of Keyword In Meta Description

The meta description is the small bit of text which can be found in the text under the blue link. You can populate it with calls to action or a hook which the searcher will want to click to learning more. It will help improve your click rate.

Do a quick search of your keyword and have a look at what kind of messages are being put in the meta descriptions of your competitors both from organic and paid ads. Use  these as ideas and try go better to get that little bit of extra click rate. This will seriously boost your rankings!

4. Place The Keyword In The On-Page Content

Ideally your keyword should be within the first sentence of your content and then once more within the first couple of sentences. If the content flows really well, and the keyword can be placed naturally then that is fine. However, if the sentences where the keyword is placed seem a little forced, then there is a risk of over-optimising your content.

A couple of mentions of the keyword every 450-500 words,with a maximum of 4 times unless it fits very naturally.

5. The Number Of Word On A Page

My tests have revealed a couple of different ways that this factor has an impact on your SEO.

The first is to go very big and long. Putting out content that is approx. 1,750 to 2,250 words which gives a lot of power for Google to pick up on longtails. You can start a little smaller, around 600 words and see how your Search Console reacts over a few days. E.g. A blog article I put out yesterday, is already showing me on page 3 for a longtail from that article.

The second is a competitor based strategy. You simply search your keyword on Google and have a look at what the first 10 true competitors are doing. By true competitors, I mean ignore huge sites like BBC, Sky News, Amazon, Facebook etc. These websites have sheer authority and we want to compare ourselves against true competitors in our market. You will want to do similar amounts of content, number of photos and layout to your competitors. Providing Google with a little more content or a few more photos that your competitors will help you a lot.

6. Content Headers

Recent updates on Google’s algorithms has meant that your H1 and H2 headings are essential for the most success.

Your main header should have the exact keyword in it. For example if your page is about vegan shoes a heading could be Where To Find The Best Vegan Shoes.

For the H2 titles, this is our chance to show Google how this page is about our keyword but in a way that comes across naturally, not forced. Using the keyword too many times in the H2 can over-optimise a page so it should seem genuine.

For example if my H1 Title is Where To Find The Best Vegan Shoes, some examples of H2 titles through the content could be

Why Choose Our Vegan Shoes? (3 words before keyword)

Why Should I go Vegan? (1 word from the keyword)

How To Find Vegan Footwear? (1 word from keyword with a broader term for shoes)

Aim to have around 5 H2 titles, and you can mix them into the H3 and H4 titles too. 

Medium Importance

7. Internal Silo SEO Strategy

It looks amazing to search engines when your SEO page has links coming in from other pages around your site. This is not essential, but the small task can really boost your SEO power. When writing content on a new post or page, if you can link certain words in the content to other pages on the site, it will build trust of the SEO page in the eyes of the search engine.

8. Voice Search Answers

The amount of searches that take place now by people speaking to their devices is always increasing. If you can link your content to common questions within your niche then you would make this question one of your H2 titles. For example, Is Leather Vegan? And Google will use your websites’ answer as the reply given to searchers.

Doing this well will also help get your featured in the Google snippet at the top of search pages.

9. Can You Embed A YouTube Video?

Google owns YouTube… embedding a video from Youtube into your content page will give it a boost. If you have a channel then use videos from your own, with a video that is optimised for the same keywords as the SEO target page. This will help boost the SEO page and your YouTube video within the same budget.

Spare Time

10. Images and Alt Tags

Try to include the keyword within the file name of your images. It helps a little bit but don’t spend all day doing it.

Adding little alt tags to your images such as here is an example of a new vegan shoe, can help a little when Google crawls the page

Become A Zero Waster Blogger Today

Become A Zero Waster Blogger Today

 3 Easy Steps Will Take You 15minutes!

Here I will walk you through everything you need to know about starting your sustainability and zero waste lifestyle blog. 

Do you want to start a zero waste blog? Do you want to share your amazing planet saving lifestyle with millions of people around the world? Do you want brands to reach out to you for help and advice? Then here is how to start a successful blog today…

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1.Choose A Domain Name and save an amazing 70% off this Green Hosting Plan

Your domain name is just the web address you want to be known for. For example my domain name is Simple. Choose a name that is personal, catchy and easy to remember so people can find and recognise you.

Our chosen hosting partner is GreenGeeks, as the only clean green hosting provider. Using our  link here or clicking the banner below, you will get upto 70% off  their hosting plans. Green Eco Hosting starts from $2.95 a month (normally $9.95)

Now on to installing the best and most popular blogging platform for all bloggers… WordPress

2. Install WordPress

It is a common fact that pretty much every blog read online will be using WordPress as their website tool. It is free with GreenGeeks Hosting and super powerful!

Their features are fantastic and simple to use. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to do pretty much anything you want on your site without being a tech-expert. If you would like a professional to make it look like something you have seen elsewhere, feel free to get in touch with me today.

After logging in to you new  GreenGeeks hosting account there will be simple on screen instructions which will direct you to installing WordPress.

You will get a chance to enter your chosen log in details for the WordPress site and that’s it! A new host and a new site, ready!

3. Choose A Theme

Now is your chance to bring your blog to life! The theme you choose will really represent your brand and image. The first impressions you want to give to every new reader. A theme will be the structure and design of your website along with how people can navigate throughout it. 

The perfect zero waste blog theme will really show off your planet saving message and the mission you are on. This will keep readers engaged and wanting to come back for more.

Fortunately, there are thousands of free themes which will come with WordPress when you install it. They may have limited functionality but I have worked on sites which are doing great with the free themes.

However, if you feel the free ones do not really send out the message you want then Envato  is an amazing marketplace for WordPress themes. There are so many to choose from and at very affordable prices. Their support and customer service is brilliant too. 


Resources For Zero Waste Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles

The Incredible Longtail SEO Strategy

The Incredible Longtail SEO Strategy

One incredible strategy for getting more search impressions, IF you can commit to creating regular and large amounts of content, is the Longtail SEO Strategy. I find a lot of vegan, cruelty free and planet saving businesses fall short of providing as much content as they can to really show off their business. However, there are some that do this incredibly well and my competitor reports often prove how this content provides success to others.

Over a medium to long term time period, the longtail strategy will literally see your SEO results go through the roof! The number of search terms which will start appearing on Page 1 will rapidly increase over time… and the best thing is… it requires no additional SEO spending. If there are certain articles where you want to see exponential results, then small increases in the budget can do this. Just ask and I will let you know how we can do this.

So here’s how it works…

  1. We carry out the standard free SEO reports and research for you. In other words, you give us some keyword ‘seed’ ideas that are used as a foundation for the research. You also send us a few competitors URLs so can analyse their keyword ranking data. From here the strategy changes direction
  2. We look over the keyword data together and pick the main keyword topics for your business’s niche/market. As I write this blog, I am looking at one clients’ business which sells vegan gym clothes. So some of their main niche based topics could be cycling clothes /running shoes/vegan outfits etc. We then create an SEO page for each broad keyword e.g. running shoes, which is highly focused with a great user experience.
  3. Once these pages are made, I will use your SEO budget to target these broad keywords and keep a close eye on your Google Search Console account. (I will also help you to understand the platform so you are comfortable with what we are doing). Over a period of time Google will start to show us longtail keywords that it recognises from the content on the page. For example the page focused on running shoes, Google might show us for a longtail like where to get vegan running shoes at position 89. Now if we like the look of some of these longtails. we would create a new blog post about that longtail and link it back to the content on the original vegan running shoes page from step 2.
  4. After you have created this new post for the longtail keyword and linked it to the broader keyword page… send me the URLs for both pages and I will get my system to do a little magic in the background. You can do this as many times as you want for as many of the keywords that Google Search Console shows you.
  5. I advise that the process should be done at least once a month, so over time your website is creating lots more great content and new posts around the big keyword topic. Remember, these keywords are ones that Google originally trust you for when they showed in position 89. Google slowly starts to see more content around this keyword and begins to trust you much more, eventually seeing you as the expert in the market. This leads to an incredibly positive snowball effect with the longtail keywords rising up to Page 1 very quickly and starts to get you more business, without having to wait around for the bigger more competitive keywords to hit page 1.

Despite that, it is arguably much more important to get the longtails rising as it shows Google real user metrics of your site. It starts to see that people are visiting your site and are real people. This further builds your trust with the search engine and will add even more longtails.

At the time of writing, one of my yoga based websites which is 4 months old has been shown for 2,450 longtails in the last 7 days… and another site which 4 days old has been picked up for 175 longtails. I wish I had the time to write blog articles for each one, but I usually pick out the ones which relate most directly to the sites and get them written up ASAP.

In theory, the way the strategy works is that your new page based around the long tail, is posting a link upwards to the original broader keyword page. This is to show Google that the original page is amazing for the content that it provides and this longtail recommends going to the original page. The original page is the one where you want the most traffic as it is the money making page in terms of products or services you offer.

If you have a Live package with, get in touch and I will show you how to set up your Search Console and how to understand where to find and filter the best longtails.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions of would like to share your thoughts on the article.

The Rise Of Vegan Brands In Dubai

This article really caught my eye! I was living in Dubai during the period of 2020 when the world went into lockdown. The vegan food and cosmetics market is amazing out there.

There are so many vegan cosmetics brands and so many amazing vegan restaurants all over the UAE. has been contacted by a lot these companies looking to improve their brand presence and revenues via digital marketing. As experts of SEO for vegan businesses, it has been amazing working with so many wonderful planet saving brands.

You can check out the recent article about being vegan in Dubai here.

How To Start A Vegan Blog

How To Start A Vegan Blog

Do you want to start a vegan blog?

Do you want to share your amazing vegan, cruelty free life with millions of people around the world? Let me walk you through this …

(Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.)

The best part of having a blog is that you will have a safe space on the internet to share all your experiences, recipes and advice to the world. As you grow in popularity, you will get businesses reach out to you for reviewing their products and sharing your valuable input in their new ideas! Yes, you will get lots of free vegan goodies!!! Read More

Looking to create your niche vegan blog? Here’s how…

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

1. Choose A Domain Name and save an amazing 70% off this Green Hosting Plan

Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.) Your domain name is just the web address you want to be known for. Mine is Yep, that’s all it is. Come up with a name that is catchy and easy to remember so people can find you easily. You can get 70% off our favourite eco-friendly host provider by clicking here and the banner below. Green Eco Hosting starts from $2.95 a month (normally $9.95) You may have come across free blogging sites, which allow you to create a simple blog at no cost. Yes, these do exist however they are extremely limited in what you can do with the blog and do not provide a professional looking finish. There is also very little opportunity to make money on free sites as they simply do not have the functions required.

2. Install WordPress

Almost every blogger you have come across online, uses WordPress as their free preferred software. It is the easiest tool to use with incredible features that will allow you to do what you want with the site. It is also super simple to install.

Once you have logged in to your newly created GreenGeeks hosting account there will be simple on screen instructions which will direct you to installing WordPress.

You will get a chance to enter your chosen log in details for the WordPress site and that’s it! A new host and a new site, ready!

3. Choose A Theme

This is where your blog becomes personal to you and your audience. The theme will be the design of the website and how things function around the site. Colours are important, but it must be neat and easy to navigate.

The perfect vegan blog theme will reinforce the message and vision of the blog, ensuring that readers remain engaged with content.

Luckily, WordPress comes installed with thousands of great free themes! Cheap enough for everyone!

However, there are also many paid themes which give a more premium look to your site., decided to play around with a few free themes before opting to buy one in the end.

Things to consider before buying a theme for your vegan blog:

  1. Does the theme provider give you technical support? This is essential when working with a theme in case you run into any problems
  2. Make sure the theme follows the recommended WordPress security practices.
  3. Do they have a demo so you can see how your site will look when ready?

There are many amazing premium WordPress themes and sometime the choice is overwhelming. decided to purchase the Daisy Theme from Envato’s marketplace, which is where you will find many more options.

Resources For Vegan Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles

How To Make Google Happy

Want To Make Google Happy? Feed It What It Wants!

So, this is not information you will find very easily. It is an incredibly powerful strategy and tip which is overlooked by most. 

Yes it is true and a well known fact that Google is aware of and analyses almost everything about websites today.

Most of the worlds traffic on the internet will start with Google’s search website. Behind those websites, most are connected to a variety of other Google tools such as Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Each of these individually collect even more data about tell Google everything that is happening online.

In our own homes, we have Google Chrome, Google’s Android Devices and most recently Google Nest…all which collect even more data. All these put in the mix means Google pretty much knows everything that is going on.

Why does this matter to you business?

Google’s highest and arguably only goal is to show the searchers web pages with the VERY BEST USER EXPERIENCE at the top of the search.

This idea of user experience was what i touched upon in my article The Perfect Keyword   which you can  read here.  

If we always think about this with SEO and PPC, you will have an incredible competitive advantage over others in your market.

Now for the actual strategy and powerful tip…

Type your keyword idea into Google. All the websites on Page One have a brilliant user experience in Googles eyes. That’s why they are trusted to be there.

The idea of having amazing user experience is very different for each market niche, and sometimes even different for each keyword.

Lets take the example of a  vegan wedding planner… A site with the best user experience could just be a very simplistic website showing a portfolio of work, with amazing photos and a contact form.

Where as, for a website selling  vegan vitamins, Google may expect the site with the best user experience to have a few images with 5,000 words detailing the vitamins benefits with references to medical reports as evidence.

If we can identify the sites which Google sees as having the best user experience, you can use this information, apply to your website and web pages which will improve the user experience for your site, and in turn make Google happy. 

Okay Hartej… how do we do this…

It is super simple to identify what makes Google happy… For the keywords that you want to rank high for via SEO or bid on via PPC, simply type the phrase/word into a Google search and open the first 10 search results.

For each one now have a look out for the following aspects….

  1. The amount of written content on the page
  2. What kind of content is this? formal, informal, answers to questions, big chunks of text, calls to action
  3. Do the pages have videos and images embedded? How many of them, where are they on the page, what are they showing on them, in what way do they help the reader (e.g. infographics)
  4. What options do they offer the user in the main menu?
  5. Is there a common theme amongst the layout of the pages for all the sites?

The list could go on but at this point you will have a good idea and feeling about them all.

It is not uncommon to notice that most of these 10 sites will have many aspects which are similar. But if your page and site is completely different, you can expect it to take longer and more work to get your page ranking on page one… in some cases, totally impossible. Remember, Google knows everything so if your site does not fit their metrics then it wont let you rise up.

The time saving strategy…

Before creating your web page or blog, which targets a keyword, search it on Google and do the above review of the first 10 or 20 search results. Make notes on which aspects you see common across all of them, which aspects you like the most and then base your page around similar content, style and layout…

This way you have given Google what works the best and what it likes to see from the best site.

This is how to make Google happy!