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Success Stories

Paid ads is one aspect of digital marketing which can bring significant success to your business. But as we discussed in our previous blogs, the set up of your accounts is fraught with danger. It can be very high risk and expensive if an expert is not handling the account.

I met with a large national retailer in December 2020, to review their PPC strategy. They are one of the largest e-retailers but tried to do their paid ads in-house. 

One of their target products was a Samsung 55inch TV, which they have put in as one of their target words for the campaign. We did a test and searched for a completely made up product… Apple 54inch TV. Now, due to the way they had set up their account, they were shocked to see their ads show up. There are a lot of factors involved with setting up ads correctly and it is always best left to an expert.

Recently, we took on a few accounts and below I will share some of the figures that our clients achieved.

If you would like a free review of your current Adwords account, please reach out and we will be glad to share our thoughts and analysis.

Target Your Competitors Audience

One of the best aspects of using us as your PPC experts is we can get you access to an audience which otherwise was unknown to your website and business. 

We use strategies, to create an audience based on users who have visited your competitors websites. There is no limit to the number of websites we can follow, all of which we can use to build an audience.

When a visitor of that website, leaves, they become our audience and will start seeing your adverts when they continue browsing across the internet.

This marketing strategy is one of the benefits of having a PPC expert on your team as it makes your business seems incredibly trustworthy and popular. Users can see your ads, up to 100 times a week!