Vegan PPC Expert – Success With PPC

Vegan PPC Expert - Case Study Success With PPC

vegan ppc success

At, using a variety of different paid advertising techniques, clients get maximum exposure around the internet. Without professional & Vegan PPC expert advice, paid marketing can quickly become extremely expensive with poor results.

For every client on every package will get access to:  Regular paid sponsored ads, remarketing, Google shopping and competitor vegan piggyback.

Going at it alone, you may only ever get to use one of them which is shown on Google’s smart campaign page. Their platform is designed to make it simple, however this simple version will not reveal key demographic data as we looked at here.

Investing money from your vegan business into just this one method, may not be the best use of your budget. Using my services will ensure you can exploit all the different strategies for capturing the largest audience.

vegan ppc success

Case Study – PPC Success


Here I have taken a snap shot from a client who was going about PPC advertising themselves. They decided to let me run a free PPC review pack on their account and take over the campaigns going forward. You can get a similar report by filling out a few details on the Free PPC Review Pack located on the homepage here.

Cost: The amount they paid over 30 days of manual ad campaigns.

Clicks: The number of people of clicked their adverts over 30 days.

Impressions: The number of times their advert was displayed to people around the web.

Looking at the small data set, we can start to create a bigger picture of the differences between manually running ads versus using

Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.20. This came down to $0.12


Manual ads 558. This increased to 948


Manual ads 8,122. This increased to 84,338

ppc success

Case Study 2 – PPC Success


Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.19. This came down to $0.11


Manual ads 397. This increased to 1,104


Manual ads 6,406. This increased to 94,396

How To Start A Blog & Make Money

How To Start A Blog & Make Money

Do you want to start a blog & make money from it?

As a marketing expert I will show you how you can create a blog on a platform that allows you to make money! There are so many platforms out there which become restricted when it comes to earning money.

(Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.)

Let me walk you through this … the whole process will only take 15 minutes and you will be ready to Go!!!

Looking to create your personal money making blog? Here’s how…

  1. Choose a unique blog name.
  2. Register your blog and get hosting.
  3. Choose a theme to customize your blog.
  4. Write & publish your first post!
  5. Share your blog page with all your friends and family.
  6. Choose from lots of options to generate money
Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

1. Choose A Domain Name and save an amazing 70% off this Green Hosting Plan

Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.) Your domain name is just the web address you want to be known for. Mine is Yep, that’s all it is. Come up with a name that is catchy and easy to remember so people can find you easily. You can get 70% off our favourite eco-friendly host provider by clicking here and the banner below. Green Eco Hosting starts from $2.95 a month (normally $9.95) You may have come across free blogging sites, which allow you to create a simple blog at no cost. Yes, these do exist however they are extremely limited in what you can do with the blog and do not provide a professional looking finish. There is also very little opportunity to make money on free sites as they simply do not have the functions required.

2. Install WordPress

Almost every blogger you have come across online, uses WordPress as their free preferred software. It is the easiest tool to use with incredible features that will allow you to do what you want with the site. It is also super simple to install.

Once you have logged in to your newly created GreenGeeks hosting account there will be simple on screen instructions which will direct you to installing WordPress.

You will get a chance to enter your chosen log in details for the WordPress site and that’s it! A new host and a new site, ready!

3. Choose A Theme

This is where your blog becomes personal to you and your audience. The theme will be the design of the website and how things function around the site. Colours are important, but it must be neat and easy to navigate.

The perfect vegan blog theme will reinforce the message and vision of the blog, ensuring that readers remain engaged with content.

Luckily, WordPress comes installed with thousands of great free themes! Cheap enough for everyone!

However, there are also many paid themes which give a more premium look to your site., decided to play around with a few free themes before opting to buy one in the end.

Things to consider before buying a theme for your vegan blog:

  1. Does the theme provider give you technical support? This is essential when working with a theme in case you run into any problems
  2. Make sure the theme follows the recommended WordPress security practices.
  3. Do they have a demo so you can see how your site will look when ready?

There are many amazing premium WordPress themes and sometime the choice is overwhelming. decided to purchase the Daisy Theme from Envato’s marketplace, which is where you will find many more options.

Resources For Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles

Major Brands Invest In Vegan Leather

A few days ago I wrote a short post about the vegan leather movement. Today I came across a news press release of  some major brands starting to invest in the vegan leather movement. Brands including Adidas & Lululemon are amongst the mix seeing a large shift towards this sustainable cruelty free trend.

Could the vegan leather movement become so large that these brands eventually move away from traditional leather and we see shifts in the worlds outlook?

Read more here

Should You Use PPC For Your Vegan Business?

Should You Use PPC For Your Vegan Business?

At, I provide a variety of different strategies which come under the wider umbrella of PPC. Regular paid sponsored ads, remarketing, Google shopping and competitor vegan piggyback are the main four that I provide under all packages. Simply investing funds from your vegan business into just one of these strategies may not be the best use of money. That’s why I offer all of them for one fee! Win, win!

Should You Invest In A PPC Expert?

I have come across many businesses who have spent far too much money on paid advertising platforms like Google and Bing Ads. The systems are designed to be worked on by professionals who understand all the different features. 

Without the right expertise, the campaign could be extremely expensive. I use an algorithm which is analysing data every minute of the day and feeding back information to help plan the next move. It is hard to calculate but a ball point figure would suggest the algorithm is as powerful as 12 people working 24/7 on your campaign.

The average base salary for one PPC Specialist is approx. $49,500 working just 8 hours a day!

Using my PPC services at could save your company 12 times that value!


Can PPC Data Help My Vegan Business?

Yes! There is incredible amounts of data that we can extract from running a campaign. It is just a matter of days before we can start painting an accurate picture of your business position in the market.

I have shared some images below of a recent PPC campaign we started with a vegan business. Within each demographic area, we can easily see the number of clicks, impressions and average cost per click.

On day 1 we trialled bidding at 11cents per click, which is always where I start a campaign and from day 2 onwards we go with the algorithms suggestion. On this campaign our algorithm suggested that 7cents was a high enough bid to get the exposure needed for the brand. 

Age & Gender

The campaign analysis will show us right from the start information about the age range that our visitors are and which gender they belong to. This can help focus our products or advertising materials to attract particular demographics.

Income & Parental Status

The campaign analysis will show us right from the start information about the income bracket that our visitors are in and whether they classify themselves as a parent or not. This can help focus our products or advertising materials to attract particular demographics for products that have a high price point or aimed at families.

Get In Touch Today

I would be happy to show you how we can improve your business performance and save thousands of dollars on your current or future paid advertising campaigns. We can start from scratch or enhance the performance of your current PPC accounts. 

Let me run some free analysis for you today and show you how to grow your business with PPC for your vegan business. Sign up for a free PPC review pack which has no strings attached.

Vegan Fish Alternative Coming Soon

There has been a lot of vegan meat alternatives making headlines and filling superstore shelves in recent years. I love working on the SEO and PPC for all my food based clients. Helping these great brands organically rank on Google above larger competitors.

It is great to see a fantastic brand making moves into the vegan fish alternative market. I tried banana blossom based ‘fish’ in Dubai and the work that goes into perfecting it, is incredible!

Here is an article which got me thinking about the future success of this new market. 

Vegan Leather Is The New Fashion Trend

Some of the early adopters of vegan leather has seen their companies hit incredible heights. I know of one very popular brand, which prides themselves on producing accessories like handbags, backpacks and wallet from vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles, reach company valuations of over $100million.

Recent technological developments have meant that a vegan leather product will give you the same feel, texture and durability as a traditional animal one. It is a no brainer to choose the option which saves the lives of innocent beings.

The CNN recently reported a great article which focusses on how vegan leather can be found naturally within the ecosystem of the forest. You should check it out today!

If you run a vegan company and would like to find out how I can help transform your business to new heights using specialist SEO tools and marketing strategies, get in touch today!

Vegan Advertising

Vegan Advertising: How To Do It Well?

You have created a great vegan product or business and want to advertise your cruelty free, plant based vision in the media! You have told all your friends at social events, they love the products and have shown their support. Now it is time to bring your vegan product to the world… the world of those who are vegan and non vegan. Read More

SEO Services For Small Businesses

SEO Services For Small Businesses

As an SEO consultant, I believe it is of upmost importance to ensure all businesses and possible clients understand what Search Engine Optimisation is, how I work with certain strategies and how it brings huge benefit to small businesses as well as help larger ones grow further. In reality, no business (large or small) wants to pay for digital marketing and technical SEO services which they do not understand. Whether is SEO for small businesses or an SEO strategy for larger businesses, the ultimate goal is the push your website’s rankings to the highest positions on search engine results pages. Getting started on Search Engine Optimisation is the first step to increasing the amount of sales and leads your business gets. Read More

Vegan Digital Marketing Expert

Vegan Digital Marketing

One of the main reasons I turned to digital marketing, was inspired by the lack of presence vegan brands were getting in the digital and wider business world. Businesses tend to spend a lot of money in vegan branding, web design or a vegan PR firm, but miss out on the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation or Google AdsThough all of these come under the category of digital marketing or general marketing strategies, they all lead to different results for your vegan business or vegan products.

Veganism Is a Trend

As a vegan for many years and a digital marketing expert, specialising in providing businesses with marketing strategy advice, I am the best choice for helping take your business to new heights. From experience, I have found a lot of vegan and plant based businesses have not taken digital marketing as seriously as they should for a number of reasons. The most common is that, as the business was created during a time when being vegan was in fashion, business owners assume that Google will love them just because its a trend. Google is a lot smarter than this and will reward those who go the extra mile and hire a specialist in vegan marketing.

The Return On Investment For Digital Marketing

Search engine optimisation and gaining presence in the search results is a long term journey and one that is incredibly rewarding with the best return on investment. The ROI is the highest from all digital marketing strategies, including social media and Google Ads. Why? Because once your pages start ranking on Page One, then you are almost getting free traffic across 100s of pages which Google is putting on the search results. Google Ads can be great for short term results, if there is a decent budget to play with, but using SEO for marketing vegan businesses builds an incredible brand presence over the years.

Marketing Vegan Products To Non-Vegans

Marketing vegan products is usually done with one of the two main aims. One is to target only vegan, plant based consumers and the other is to try get customers who are thinking about the vegan lifestyle. As your expert vegan digital marketing consultant, we will look at all the various ways we can target your audience based on your business needs and vision. If you are looking to get started, contact me today!

My vegan digital marketing strategies and expertise is also available to cruelty free, eco friendly and businesses based around saving the planet. I will not work with any business which harms animals in their processes anywhere along the supply chain. I pride myself on having a digital marketing agency which keeps compassion for the earth and animals at its core. This vision also bring honesty and transparency with our conversations and strategies. Whether you need some help or changes with web design, or go all out on vegan marketing, you can be sure to get the best service every time.

The Ethical Digital Marketer

Having run digital businesses since 2008, I understand the constraints of running a business, with budgets sometimes being tight or some months being slower for trade than others. For this reason, I chose to take an ethical stance in terms of contracts and commitments. All of the digital marketing packages on offer come without any tie-ins and you will never feel a pushy sales tactic from me. I know the value I can bring to your online vegan business and pride myself on letting clients decide when the time is right for them to take their marketing to new heights.

If you are looking to get your vegan, plant based, planet friendly business ranked much higher across the search engines then get in touch today and I will be honoured to help you achieve your goals!  

Veganism On The Rise In Germany!

I have known for years that Berlin is considered a vegan capital of Europe. Traditionally very heavy meat eating community is slow seeing a change in their landscape on the food scene.

At, there has been a rise in the number of clients we are speaking to from Germany. Even our tree planting partners are head-quartered in Germany.

Meeting lots of businesses every day in the vegan market, is showing me that the price of products is slowly coming down. A lower price brings a larger audience to try the alternative products. Simple of law of demand!

You can read more at this short article posted earlier today via Plant Based News.