Vegan PPC Expert – Success With PPC

Vegan PPC Expert - Case Study Success With PPC

vegan ppc success

At, using a variety of different paid advertising techniques, clients get maximum exposure around the internet. Without professional & Vegan PPC expert advice, paid marketing can quickly become extremely expensive with poor results.

For every client on every package will get access to:  Regular paid sponsored ads, remarketing, Google shopping and competitor vegan piggyback.

Going at it alone, you may only ever get to use one of them which is shown on Google’s smart campaign page. Their platform is designed to make it simple, however this simple version will not reveal key demographic data as we looked at here.

Investing money from your vegan business into just this one method, may not be the best use of your budget. Using my services will ensure you can exploit all the different strategies for capturing the largest audience.

vegan ppc success

Case Study – PPC Success


Here I have taken a snap shot from a client who was going about PPC advertising themselves. They decided to let me run a free PPC review pack on their account and take over the campaigns going forward. You can get a similar report by filling out a few details on the Free PPC Review Pack located on the homepage here.

Cost: The amount they paid over 30 days of manual ad campaigns.

Clicks: The number of people of clicked their adverts over 30 days.

Impressions: The number of times their advert was displayed to people around the web.

Looking at the small data set, we can start to create a bigger picture of the differences between manually running ads versus using

Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.20. This came down to $0.12


Manual ads 558. This increased to 948


Manual ads 8,122. This increased to 84,338

ppc success

Case Study 2 – PPC Success


Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.19. This came down to $0.11


Manual ads 397. This increased to 1,104


Manual ads 6,406. This increased to 94,396