How To Make Google Happy

Want To Make Google Happy? Feed It What It Wants!

So, this is not information you will find very easily. It is an incredibly powerful strategy and tip which is overlooked by most. 

Yes it is true and a well known fact that Google is aware of and analyses almost everything about websites today.

Most of the worlds traffic on the internet will start with Google’s search website. Behind those websites, most are connected to a variety of other Google tools such as Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Each of these individually collect even more data about tell Google everything that is happening online.

In our own homes, we have Google Chrome, Google’s Android Devices and most recently Google Nest…all which collect even more data. All these put in the mix means Google pretty much knows everything that is going on.

Why does this matter to you business?

Google’s highest and arguably only goal is to show the searchers web pages with the VERY BEST USER EXPERIENCE at the top of the search.

This idea of user experience was what i touched upon in my article The Perfect Keyword   which you can  read here.  

If we always think about this with SEO and PPC, you will have an incredible competitive advantage over others in your market.

Now for the actual strategy and powerful tip…

Type your keyword idea into Google. All the websites on Page One have a brilliant user experience in Googles eyes. That’s why they are trusted to be there.

The idea of having amazing user experience is very different for each market niche, and sometimes even different for each keyword.

Lets take the example of a  vegan wedding planner… A site with the best user experience could just be a very simplistic website showing a portfolio of work, with amazing photos and a contact form.

Where as, for a website selling  vegan vitamins, Google may expect the site with the best user experience to have a few images with 5,000 words detailing the vitamins benefits with references to medical reports as evidence.

If we can identify the sites which Google sees as having the best user experience, you can use this information, apply to your website and web pages which will improve the user experience for your site, and in turn make Google happy. 

Okay Hartej… how do we do this…

It is super simple to identify what makes Google happy… For the keywords that you want to rank high for via SEO or bid on via PPC, simply type the phrase/word into a Google search and open the first 10 search results.

For each one now have a look out for the following aspects….

  1. The amount of written content on the page
  2. What kind of content is this? formal, informal, answers to questions, big chunks of text, calls to action
  3. Do the pages have videos and images embedded? How many of them, where are they on the page, what are they showing on them, in what way do they help the reader (e.g. infographics)
  4. What options do they offer the user in the main menu?
  5. Is there a common theme amongst the layout of the pages for all the sites?

The list could go on but at this point you will have a good idea and feeling about them all.

It is not uncommon to notice that most of these 10 sites will have many aspects which are similar. But if your page and site is completely different, you can expect it to take longer and more work to get your page ranking on page one… in some cases, totally impossible. Remember, Google knows everything so if your site does not fit their metrics then it wont let you rise up.

The time saving strategy…

Before creating your web page or blog, which targets a keyword, search it on Google and do the above review of the first 10 or 20 search results. Make notes on which aspects you see common across all of them, which aspects you like the most and then base your page around similar content, style and layout…

This way you have given Google what works the best and what it likes to see from the best site.

This is how to make Google happy!