How To Start A Vegan Blog

How To Start A Vegan Blog

Do you want to start a vegan blog?

Do you want to share your amazing vegan, cruelty free life with millions of people around the world? Let me walk you through this …

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The best part of having a blog is that you will have a safe space on the internet to share all your experiences, recipes and advice to the world. As you grow in popularity, you will get businesses reach out to you for reviewing their products and sharing your valuable input in their new ideas! Yes, you will get lots of free vegan goodies!!! Read More

Looking to create your niche vegan blog? Here’s how…

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1. Choose A Domain Name and save an amazing 70% off this Green Hosting Plan

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2. Install WordPress

Almost every blogger you have come across online, uses WordPress as their free preferred software. It is the easiest tool to use with incredible features that will allow you to do what you want with the site. It is also super simple to install.

Once you have logged in to your newly created GreenGeeks hosting account there will be simple on screen instructions which will direct you to installing WordPress.

You will get a chance to enter your chosen log in details for the WordPress site and that’s it! A new host and a new site, ready!

3. Choose A Theme

This is where your blog becomes personal to you and your audience. The theme will be the design of the website and how things function around the site. Colours are important, but it must be neat and easy to navigate.

The perfect vegan blog theme will reinforce the message and vision of the blog, ensuring that readers remain engaged with content.

Luckily, WordPress comes installed with thousands of great free themes! Cheap enough for everyone!

However, there are also many paid themes which give a more premium look to your site., decided to play around with a few free themes before opting to buy one in the end.

Things to consider before buying a theme for your vegan blog:

  1. Does the theme provider give you technical support? This is essential when working with a theme in case you run into any problems
  2. Make sure the theme follows the recommended WordPress security practices.
  3. Do they have a demo so you can see how your site will look when ready?

There are many amazing premium WordPress themes and sometime the choice is overwhelming. decided to purchase the Daisy Theme from Envato’s marketplace, which is where you will find many more options.

Resources For Vegan Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles