Make Google Love Your Vegan Business

The Best Tips To Make Google Love Your Vegan Business

Just like a human vegan, google loves you more if you keep feeding it amazing vegan content. Content that is super informative and filled with the best vegan info you can delivery.

Such great content, will be recognised by Google and you will start to see longtail keywords in your ranking data, almost over night! Ask me for more help on identifying which words are already ranking.

You have just found out how amazing vegan milk really tastes. You write all about and feed that information to Google. Google will love the way you have written about it, knowing that it will help so many more people and so the search engine shows it to more people! Google can very easily become your best vegan friend, who loves to hear what you have to say!

Tip 1

Search Engine Optimisation

No, not because I am an expert in the field, but really it is the best way to be loved by Google. With the right SEO strategies in place, the search engines become very interested in what you have to say or offer. With the right signals, and the correct content layouts, Google will see you as an authority in your field, giving your more opportunities to be seen by the world! I touch on this in my blog  How To Make Google Happy.

The value you get from on every plan is estimated to be worth 4 or 5 times the amount charged. That excludes the value of the reports and the consulting help from me.

Keep writing amazing content that your audience want to read about and over the months your traffic will show incredible increases from words you never imagined to target. Engaging content is rewarded by Google and the structure of site must be friendly to the user.

Writing good content is a starting point for SEO, the rest of the magic happens off site.

Tip 2

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

When a website or a page is submitted to Google, their bots will test your site on a desktop screen as well as a mobile phone screen. Very often, if the site has not been built with mobile friendliness in mind, then your Search Console will show some errors which will need fixing.

Keep in mind, back in 2015, a Google update meant that any site which was not mobile user friendly was pushed down the rankings by default. If you would like a site built or want to check if it is mobile friendly, get in touch today.

Google no longer allows sites to be shown high in desktop searches, if the site is not good enough for mobile. The number of mobile searches has passed those on desktop, so you can see how important this is for your business.

Here you can find the testing tool which shows if your site is responsive to mobile

Tip 3

Is Your Site Up To Speed?

This is where the milliseconds count! Site speed is commonly put to aside when building a beautiful picture perfect website.

The speed of your site begins right from the host of your site. I recommend using GreenGeeks to my clients and never upsell this product for an inflated price. It is best, the website owner purchases the hosting themselves and selects the package appropriate to their budget. If you have a slightly higher budget and want to host multiple sites then SiteGround is our other preferred partner. Both hosting companies have great service and will usually do a lot of the technical work when it comes to the websites back end.

Google will always choose to show a faster site, than a slower one. Why? Because a fast site signals better user experience and less likelihood of the user quitting the searched page before it loads up. Websites with a very high bounce rate, may be due to slow loading times.

You can test your site speed with the same tool that Google uses here

If you are worried about your site speed, and would like someone to advise you on the best options, get in touch today and I will be happy to help.

Tip 4

Show off your knowledge

Have a look at some of your favourite sites, or sites that show up when you search for the keywords you want to rank for (your competitors). In pretty much every instance, somewhere on the site you will find a Blog.

Now a lot of new business owners, see the word blog and switch off or get anxious. The thought of writing, may take you back to the school lessons you did not enjoy!

Essentially, an amazing beautiful website does not lead to people wanting your product. It is the words you give them, which sell your product. The words give the reader a chance to understand why your product is perfect for them! Not having a blog, can significantly lower sales and lead your customers to your competitors who have the content ready.

I was once quoted $25,000 for a website to be built by an agency, the plans looked stunning and it was the website of dreams. However, I ended up getting this done 95% cheaper and it was the content on site which drove success.

This ties in very closely with Tip 1 SEO! No matter how smart the Google bot becomes, it is a long time before it will know how to rank a picture of a happy customer. But, it can easily rank the description a customer left about your product! The algorithm will review the text on your site and decide which keywords you are signalling at it, before ranking you where it sees relevancy to the searcher.

Tip 5

The Call To Action

You have successfully implemented all the best strategies for bringing the right traffic to your website… Now that they have arrived, what should they do?

You know your product is amazing… it is a vegan product, a cruelty free item, the product helps save the planet with sustainability in mind. Your website is brilliant, you know exactly where things are placed and what to do if you want to buy something. Sounds great!

However!! Your customer does not necessarily know any of this. They have only just heard of your product and arrived at your website. This is where your landing pages must do all the selling. Point out how your product saves the planet, how it does no harm to animals, how it improves the lives of users… and most importantly, let me them know how they can buy the product right here, right now.

The transition from landing page through to checkout must be as easy and smooth as possible. From the moment they arrive, there is just a matter of seconds before they either decide to buy or leave. Make the process and information on the page all about the customer! Are they saving money? Will the product help them feel healthier? Will every purchase help save more animals?

Think about when you do the majority of your shopping – how often are you interested in the history of the owner or the date is was founded? Make this all about your customer!

Use your landing pages to show the customer how your product or service is the solution to the problem then need solving, with a simple process for them to take action.