SEO For Ecommerce Websites Case Study

SEO For Ecommerce Websites

In July 2020 we started to work on the off-page SEO for an ecommerce website in the Yoga market. Their niche is yoga and recommend the best yoga products for beginners to use.

Their website was created in May 2020, meaning they had about 2 months of age with Google. This is still considered a very new site and not outside of Google’s age factor when it comes to SEO.

Their objective for the SEO on their ecommerce website was to rank on page 1 for their best selling products. Our first target was look at impressions, and then over the months look to see an increasing trend in clicks. 

The Results


seo for ecommerce website
202,000 organic impressions in 6 months
Their 3 months growth compared to the previous period

The results above show the impact of getting a specialist SEO consultant to work on your ecommerce website.

Over the past 3 months the clients site has seen a 670% increase in clicks and 245% increase in impressions.

Plant Based Digital Marketing Consultant

Have you set up an amazing plant based, vegan and local business but are not sure on the best ways to keep up with effective marketing strategies?

You have heard that SEO and Paid Ads are something all businesses should do, but want a consultant that really understands your market?

Do you want to focus your time and energy on building your brand, and not use it up on working out the best marketing strategy for you?

Having set up my first website in 2008, building and learning the best ways to market a brand and a product, I have spent a lot of time working with some great brands around the world. Since going vegan in 2018, my focus switched to becoming the best plant based digital marketing consultant you can find.

I work with businesses to ensure they are ranking highly on all search engines in the quickest possible time. Being at the top of search engines brings incredible amounts of free traffic to your site and having me handle it, takes one thing off your mind. Strategies can last a few months to many years, the longer we work together, the more powerful and dominant your website becomes. My passion is working with brands that have the planet and animal welfare at the core of their business. Having such products become successful, helps with the whole vegan and eco friendly shift, without having to shout about it.

My strategies will help you connect and communicate your values and brand with local people, as well as those visiting you from across the globe. This will naturally lead to a growth in impressions, clicks and sales!

As an active consumer of plant based products, there is a wealth of experience I can bring to your brand and help it grow with a variety of digital marketing strategies. As a plant based digital marketing consultant, I work with you and your team to identify gaps in the market which can help your plans to grow.

The two best strategies to use, depending on budget and urgency for success, are SEO and PPC. With a huge network of plant based brands, you can be sure that the work I do will lead to success for your brand.

Lets connect today and discover how your brand can be taken to the next level!

The Vegan PPC Expert

PPC Expert

Success Stories

Paid ads is one aspect of digital marketing which can bring significant success to your business. But as we discussed in our previous blogs, the set up of your accounts is fraught with danger. It can be very high risk and expensive if an expert is not handling the account.

I met with a large national retailer in December 2020, to review their PPC strategy. They are one of the largest e-retailers but tried to do their paid ads in-house. 

One of their target products was a Samsung 55inch TV, which they have put in as one of their target words for the campaign. We did a test and searched for a completely made up product… Apple 54inch TV. Now, due to the way they had set up their account, they were shocked to see their ads show up. There are a lot of factors involved with setting up ads correctly and it is always best left to an expert.

Recently, we took on a few accounts and below I will share some of the figures that our clients achieved.

If you would like a free review of your current Adwords account, please reach out and we will be glad to share our thoughts and analysis.

Target Your Competitors Audience

One of the best aspects of using us as your PPC experts is we can get you access to an audience which otherwise was unknown to your website and business. 

We use strategies, to create an audience based on users who have visited your competitors websites. There is no limit to the number of websites we can follow, all of which we can use to build an audience.

When a visitor of that website, leaves, they become our audience and will start seeing your adverts when they continue browsing across the internet.

This marketing strategy is one of the benefits of having a PPC expert on your team as it makes your business seems incredibly trustworthy and popular. Users can see your ads, up to 100 times a week!

Small Business SEO Services

SEO Services For Your Small Business

As experts in SEO, we have been able to provide small businesses with the same power and strategies that are used by large businesses around the globe. 

Our systems provide the same off-site power to your business website, that makes search engines believe you are a highly powerful company. We use a network of powerful websites, to point strong signals at your site which builds the trust and authority you have with the search engines. 

Our small business SEO services, are aimed to ensure you get the presence and visibility that you deserve. 

Many many years of experience and testing, has allowed us to use the same systems that we use for large businesses, for yours too.

We have a proven track record for small businesses and our SEO services have been instrumental in helping small businesses out rank global corporate giants like Tesco and Walmart.

Yes, your small business with our SEO service can truly see your website in a better position than the larger businesses. 

Let’s take a look at some success stories from small businesses who invested in our SEO services.

The number of clicks in these images show a comparison of the time period mentioned versus the same time period previously. All of these small businesses have seen great improvements in the number of clicks and impressions.

Get A Free SEO Review Pack (Worth $800)

Your Free SEO Review Pack 

In recent weeks I have spent a lot of time researching the quality of SEO review packs available from different agencies.

These SEO review packs can cost anywhere between $199 to $800! and not a single review pack has included the depth of information that we give you for free. Yes, totally free with no strings attached and no commitment to sign up for our SEO or PPC services. 

Let us explain and show you what you can expect to receive in the Free SEO Review pack.

What’s Included In The Free SEO Review Pack

Before we are able to carry out the review there are a few crucial bits of information we will ask. These help us produce analysis to greater depths and give us enough information to compare your business against your competitors (in the eye’s of the search engines)

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Target Location e.g. Country/City
  3. Keyword Ideas that you want to be ranked for
  4. Website URLs of any 3 competitors

From here we will send our systems running to produce a variety of different documents for you to analyse. 

Let us take you through the files included in your review using one we did for Vodafone.

A Google Long Tail Report for your site.

Column A: All the words or phrases that Google currently recognises your website for.

Column B: The position that your website shows when that phrase is searched for

Column C: Approximately how many searches per month that particular phrase gets

Column D: Which page on your website does Google feel is the strongest for that search phrase

Column E: SEO difficulty to rank on page 1 for that keyword or phrase (Scale 0-100)

Column F: Does that keyword appear anywhere on the page that Google idenitifies as the strongest

Your Personal Content Editor

This tool is one of the most powerful content editors available today. The algorithm skims over all the best articles on Google for your particular keyword and produces a guide for you to write with. 

This tool is available to all clients to use any number of times and we give you 1 for free as part of the review pack.

You can see the target keyword in the image above is ‘buy mobile phone’. The algorithm then gives us a guide on the right hand side on everything we should include. Such as the number of words, number of headings etc. 

Under that it will list all the words that Google feels are important to include within an article focussed on this keyword and once you have included it, the red boxes turn green.

You can watch a detailed video about this tool below.

Your Competitor’s Paid Ads Data

The image above shows a file which you will receive if your competitors are engaging in paid advertising via Google Ads or other similar search engines.

With this you can see which keywords your competitors are targeting in order to build a list of keyword targets for your business.

Column B: All the words or phrases that your competitor is currently targeting and happy to pay for.

Column C: The title of the advert which searchers will see when they search the phrase in column B

Column D: Which page on your competitors website will a click for this keyword take the searcher.

Column E: Approximately how much searches does the keyword from Column B get per month

Column F: The difficulty score to rank for this keyword and compete for it on ads.

Column G: An approximate value of how much each click for this keyword could cost if we wanted to outbid your competitor.

Your Competitor’s Organic Ranking Data

The image above shows a snapshot of the file you receive which shows the keywords which your competitors are being ranked for organically. Similar to your long tail report but now of the competitor. You can use this to identify which keywords they are ranking well for and which page on their site is strong for that keyword… so you can produce something much much better!

Column B: All the words or phrases that Google currently recognises your competitors website for.

Column C: The position that their website is shown on when that phrase is searched for

Column D: Approximately how many searches per month that particular phrase gets

Column E: Which page on their website does Google feel is the strongest for that search phrase

Column F: SEO difficulty to rank on page 1 for that keyword or phrase (Scale 0-100)

Get Your Free SEO Review Pack Today

Simply send us an email or fill in the form on the right to get your free SEO review pack today. There is a lot you can learn about your site and your competitors’ sites to help you plan your next steps for your website and business.

Setting Up Your Google Ads Account: The Risks

Are you thinking about setting up a Google Adwords account for your vegan business?

Have you already got an account running but not seeing the results you want?

There are some key symbols that need to be used in your set up of the adverts in order to ensure you are generating the type of traffic you want and need for your business.

Setting up the account yourself, without expert knowledge, can lead you down a very expensive path and one that may put you off from paid advertising. But, this should not be the case. Targeted and focussed ads, set up accurately can take your business’ performance to a new level of success.

As always, I like giving my advice through a case study example so you can see how it works and the difference it makes.

Case Study Example

When creating an Ad on Google Adwords there are a few different symbols which define the type of advert you are creating. The system omits critical details, which are the difference between failure and success of the ad.

A business selling flight simulation services to the airline industry attempted to create their own Ads, targeted at attracting pilots and airlines to use his technology on a daily hire basis.

When setting up your campaigns, Adowrds will ask you to input the keywords you want to target. This business owners enters phrases like Pilot flight simulator training, Training for pilots simulator, pilot simulator training etc etc etc… and the account is now set up and live.

What businesses fail to realise is that entering such phrases without key symbols, will put all of the adverts into the broad search category. Meaning that Google can show your adverts for searches that are very very very loosely related to your keywords with you ever knowing.

The analytics on this particular account showed lots of impressions & clicks every day but absolutely no leads. This is where a PPC Specialist at Your Vegan Marketer comes in….

After conducting in-depth analysis of the account, it became obvious that without his knowledge (as Google doesn’t tell you) he was paying for clicks where people searched words like Microsoft flight simulator game, pc flight game, pc game flight simulator etc etc etc.

The daily budget was being exhausted on these irrelevant search terms and the scariest part of it all is this… the search Microsoft flight simulator game was being recognised as someone looking for pilot flight simulator game so it gave the impression that people were searching and clicking on exactly what he was hoping for.

Using broad search strategies… is almost like handing over your credit card to the search engines and letting them have a field day.

Which Strategies Can We Use To Avoid These Risks?

Exact Search by using the symbols [keyword].

e.g. [vegan seo] will only show my ads if the exact keyword is used. So vegan seos would not show my advert. This is the tightest and strictest control. This is great in certain situations when you want to really focus in on something but it could also mean missing out on a lot of great traffic where the searcher misspells a word or adds a word before/after.

Phrase search by using the symbols “keyword”

e.g. “vegan ppc expert” will only show my ads if this exact phrase is typed but can have something before and/or after the phrase. My ads would show up if someone searched vegan ppc expert services or find a vegan ppc expert.

Broad Modified Search by using the symbols +keyword +keyword2

e.g. +vegan +seo would mean my ads would show when both words have been used in the search but it can be anywhere within the query. For example my ads would show for a search like my vegan website needs SEO.

As a PPC expert, I would create your account in such a way that we start with all three (exact, phrase and broad modified)… never broad! We let the system run its course and the algorithms understand what is happening with our ads. Then we will review and make changes as appropriate. This could mean adding in more queries/keywords or making some negative so that we avoid searches with certain words.

If you would like a free PPC review on your Ads account, please feel free to get in touch today! Don’t leave PPC to chance!

Brand Crisis Management With SEO

Brand Crisis Management With SEO

With so much action happening online today, this leaves all brands and businesses at risk of receiving some negative publicity. This could be a critical or unfair review, a bad bit of press in the media or a competitor trying to make you look bad.

In all honesty, a negative comment here or there and the odd unhappy customer is not likely to damage your brand’s image or business significantly. However, it often happens that some negative comments or news articles are one of the first things that searchers see when they come across you online. This can be devastating to a business!

crisis management seo

How Can SEO Help Us Today?

This is where SEO services at come in to action. The ultimate goal for our strategy will be to push those damaging articles down the rankings beyond page 1 or 2, so it is not the first piece of information people see about your brand when they look for you online.

It is very disheartening and frustrating to find out that the search engine results for your business are in fact of content which is fairly damaging to your brand… especially if you feel the comments or articles are unfair and inaccurate.

There are two key steps to this process of brand crisis management with seo! Firstly, we work fast and with priority to push down these harmful sites away from the higher rankings. Once we have done this we suggest a brand management strategy where we now focus on creating or pushing up positive content about your brand to the highest results. Step 1 is the short term strategy and step 2 is longer term.

Case Study Example

In a recent example, a newspaper article was published about a brand which showed them in a very negative light. As the publication was in a globally recognised newspaper, it almost instantly made it the first search result when searching this brand’s name. The strategy used here was focussed on powering the client’s site across different web pages to ensure we could fill up every spot on Page 1 for searches related to their brand name. Over time the article no longer had the power or relevance to compete with the strength of the clients powerful SEO pages.

Brand Management. Brand Reputation. Brand Enhancement

Though the strategy is focussed on fixing a crisis, it can be done before anything bad happens or if you feel you are at risk of having negative press. Using some brand protection SEO strategies, your site will be continuously growing in power and authority. This would mean anything new to come out about your brand will have a very strong layer of powerful sites to break through before it can be seen on page 1.

With the brand protection, there is a strategy where we would enhance your brand’s image. For example if your manufacture vegan leather products and want to try and win new business. Your sales team can use the line “Don’t just take our word for it, Google our brand name.” The strategy creates a web of higher ranking pages on the search results which make your brand look great. Maybe some reviews or blogs which all say you are great. You can even own these sites as micro sites which point to your business as the best!

From an SEO perspective, as we focus all of the above on your brand name, it is not often the most difficult task but it requires extremely careful planning and enough time for Google to recognise our work… ultimately putting your amazing image back at the top where it belongs!

Eco-Friendly & Vegan Chocolate

As an eco-friendly marketing expert, I have the great pleasure of meeting some amazing businesses every week. There is so much happening around the world to push this eco movement, alongside the rise of veganism. 

One of the reasons, I cut down on my snacking was due to the damage that the wrappers were having on the environment. Coming across this news article today has sparked some joy in me. A firm is now creating a sustainable , eco friendly revolutionary packaging.

You can read more about them here.

If you run a business and need expert marketing advice from a Vegan SEO company and a Planet Friendly Marketing specialist, get in touch with me today

Vegan PPC Expert – Success With PPC

Vegan PPC Expert - Case Study Success With PPC

vegan ppc success

At, using a variety of different paid advertising techniques, clients get maximum exposure around the internet. Without professional & Vegan PPC expert advice, paid marketing can quickly become extremely expensive with poor results.

For every client on every package will get access to:  Regular paid sponsored ads, remarketing, Google shopping and competitor vegan piggyback.

Going at it alone, you may only ever get to use one of them which is shown on Google’s smart campaign page. Their platform is designed to make it simple, however this simple version will not reveal key demographic data as we looked at here.

Investing money from your vegan business into just this one method, may not be the best use of your budget. Using my services will ensure you can exploit all the different strategies for capturing the largest audience.

vegan ppc success

Case Study – PPC Success


Here I have taken a snap shot from a client who was going about PPC advertising themselves. They decided to let me run a free PPC review pack on their account and take over the campaigns going forward. You can get a similar report by filling out a few details on the Free PPC Review Pack located on the homepage here.

Cost: The amount they paid over 30 days of manual ad campaigns.

Clicks: The number of people of clicked their adverts over 30 days.

Impressions: The number of times their advert was displayed to people around the web.

Looking at the small data set, we can start to create a bigger picture of the differences between manually running ads versus using

Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.20. This came down to $0.12


Manual ads 558. This increased to 948


Manual ads 8,122. This increased to 84,338

ppc success

Case Study 2 – PPC Success


Cost Per Click (Canadian Dollars)

Manual ads $1.19. This came down to $0.11


Manual ads 397. This increased to 1,104


Manual ads 6,406. This increased to 94,396

How To Start A Blog & Make Money

How To Start A Blog & Make Money

Do you want to start a blog & make money from it?

As a marketing expert I will show you how you can create a blog on a platform that allows you to make money! There are so many platforms out there which become restricted when it comes to earning money.

(Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.)

Let me walk you through this … the whole process will only take 15 minutes and you will be ready to Go!!!

Looking to create your personal money making blog? Here’s how…

  1. Choose a unique blog name.
  2. Register your blog and get hosting.
  3. Choose a theme to customize your blog.
  4. Write & publish your first post!
  5. Share your blog page with all your friends and family.
  6. Choose from lots of options to generate money
Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

1. Choose A Domain Name and save an amazing 70% off this Green Hosting Plan

Click here for the special $2.95 per month offer at GreenGeeks Hosting and then click “get started now”.) Your domain name is just the web address you want to be known for. Mine is Yep, that’s all it is. Come up with a name that is catchy and easy to remember so people can find you easily. You can get 70% off our favourite eco-friendly host provider by clicking here and the banner below. Green Eco Hosting starts from $2.95 a month (normally $9.95) You may have come across free blogging sites, which allow you to create a simple blog at no cost. Yes, these do exist however they are extremely limited in what you can do with the blog and do not provide a professional looking finish. There is also very little opportunity to make money on free sites as they simply do not have the functions required.

2. Install WordPress

Almost every blogger you have come across online, uses WordPress as their free preferred software. It is the easiest tool to use with incredible features that will allow you to do what you want with the site. It is also super simple to install.

Once you have logged in to your newly created GreenGeeks hosting account there will be simple on screen instructions which will direct you to installing WordPress.

You will get a chance to enter your chosen log in details for the WordPress site and that’s it! A new host and a new site, ready!

3. Choose A Theme

This is where your blog becomes personal to you and your audience. The theme will be the design of the website and how things function around the site. Colours are important, but it must be neat and easy to navigate.

The perfect vegan blog theme will reinforce the message and vision of the blog, ensuring that readers remain engaged with content.

Luckily, WordPress comes installed with thousands of great free themes! Cheap enough for everyone!

However, there are also many paid themes which give a more premium look to your site., decided to play around with a few free themes before opting to buy one in the end.

Things to consider before buying a theme for your vegan blog:

  1. Does the theme provider give you technical support? This is essential when working with a theme in case you run into any problems
  2. Make sure the theme follows the recommended WordPress security practices.
  3. Do they have a demo so you can see how your site will look when ready?

There are many amazing premium WordPress themes and sometime the choice is overwhelming. decided to purchase the Daisy Theme from Envato’s marketplace, which is where you will find many more options.

Resources For Bloggers

GreenGeeks provide eco-friendly web host keeping your blog safe and visible to the world

Envato is a great marketplace to find the best themes for your blog

Fiverr is a great place to get logos designed or research done for your blog articles